होनी होय सो होय | HONI HOYE SO HOYE PDF : ओशो हिंदी पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | HONI HOYE SO HOYE BOOK PDF : OSHO BOOKS IN HINDI PDF


पुस्तक के कुछ अंश (Excerpts From the Book) :-

You Listen As If It Is No Explanation; As In The Language Of The Twentieth Century, There Is Reincarnation. Just As Kabir Has Come Again. And Don’t Listen With Your Intellect. Kabir Has Nothing To Do With Intellect. Kabir Is Crazy. And Only The Crazy Can Understand Him And Only The Crazy Can Understand. Kabir Does Not Speak From The Mind. This Is The Echo Of The Harp Of The Heart. And If The Strings Of Your Heart Also Touch, You Too Can Ring, Then Only You Can Be Understood As Kabir. This Is Not A Classical, Intellectual Event. Kabir Has To Drink, Sip And Sip. Like A Drink! And One Has To Drown, One Has To Forget Oneself, One Has To Be Intoxicated. 

Details of this Book

पुस्तक की श्रेणी (Book Category): novels, stories

लेखक का नाम (Author Name): ओशो (Osho)

पुस्तक का साइज (Size of Book): 2 MB

पृष्ठ संख्या (Total Pages of Book): 230

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